Custom Internet Gateways

Hotel & Business Use

Computer Trendz offers managed and non-managed internet gateway services. Our managed gateway services will keep your hotel compliant when the corporate franchise requires a branded captive portal and internet landing page. With our custom software, users will have to agree to Terms & Conditions of using your internet before they can connect. Our custom software will also keep your Internet Service Provider from blacklisting your IP address due to users that may send junk email or download illegal content. Our Managed Gateway Service ties in seamlessly to our turnkey Wi-Fi solutions, and can also be configured and supported remotely.

You will be given unlimited technical support and software updates on your Internet Gateway with our monthly managed services.

We also offer non-managed services for companies that do not require a captive portal or advanced firewall features.


Non-Managed Gateway


  • No Monthly Fees
  • Wireless AC Router
  • Initial Configuration
  • Onsite Installation*
  • Supports Dynamic IP



Our Standard Gateway/Router Package Includes:

  • Gigabit Router with built-in Wireless AC-1750 Long Range Access Point
  • Works with a dynamic IP address, No static IP is required
  • Configuration and setup is included
  • Dual Wireless Network Capable, for Office/Guest separation
  • Standard hourly rates apply for non-managed gateway support and network troubleshooting



Hotel Managed Gateway


  • Custom Portal Page
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Initial Configuration
  • Onsite Installation*
  • Managed Services Required

Our Hotel Managed Gateway Services package includes:

  • Managed Services are $30/month
  • Unlimited Network Technical Support, Remote Management
  • Captive Portal: Users must agree to Terms & Conditions page before internet use
  • Customizable Terms & Conditions page: Your logo and information
  • Managed WiFi: changing WiFi passwords and troubleshooting remotely
  • Customizable content filters & website blacklists
  • Bi-Directional Spam filtering and Virus filtering: block them before they reach your network
  • Network monitoring and IP speed limiting
  • Premium network security and high-tech firewall for internet users
  • Static IP address required


Wireless Access Points


  • Turnkey Solution
  • Scalable
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Long Range
  • Includes Install/Cabling

Turnkey Wireless Solutions:

  • Works with managed and non-managed gateway solutions
  • Industry standard Unifi Ubiquity Long Range Access Points
  • Flat rate pricing includes cabling, configuration, and installation*
  • UPGRADE: Outdoor rated cabling $25/each
  • UPGRADE: Outdoor junction box mounting (rooftop) $20/each

*Onsite Installation included where available, outside Tulsa area may require additional travel expense

Terms & Billing

Managed Services Payments:  Managed services will be billed on or around the 1st of every month, using our automated Credit Card recurring billing merchant services system. The first month of service will be prorated and billed. If you prefer to pay by check or per invoice, the rate will be invoiced annually instead of monthly, for the amount of $350.

Included Support:  All network issues related to our managed gateway and our Turnkey Wireless Solution (if used) will be covered under your monthly managed services. We can change wireless passwords simultaneously across all managed Access Points, set speed limits per user, block websites, block types of content, block file types, adjust spam blockers, update virus blockers, block and unblock users, investigate network errors, update firmware of network equipment, set up port forwarding for DVR and other services.

Subscription Duration:  1-Year Initial Duration, and then Perpetual with Managed Gateway use. Gateway will still function without paid support, but certain features will no longer be updated and any service calls or visits will be charged the normal onsite service rates.

Work Log:  All notes taken on services performed will be logged in our online ticketing system and will be accessible to you at all times.

Additional Services:  Computer Trendz offers a wide range of services, both network and computer system desktop/server support. We can troubleshoot both wired and wireless networks even if you are using your previously installed existing equipment. Additional work not pertaining to our installed equipment or our managed services can still be performed and will be invoiced at our regular service rates.



For questions about our service, please call us at (918) 895-4000


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