Scheduled Maintenance

Proactive vs Reactive

Computer Trendz now offers monthly maintenance packages to keep your computers running smooth and to help catch problems before they start instead of after they happen.  The pricing structure is set up to cater to any size of business as the monthly cost is scaled based on number of computers being maintained. Not all computers in your office need to be covered if they aren't deemed mission critical, you get to pick the systems covered if you don't need maintenance in your whole office.

You will be given one guaranteed visit per month to perform our monthly procedures. Systems covered under our maintenance program will be given unlimited oncall troubleshooting and support as needed through the duration of the contract, even if it's not on a regularly scheduled day.

We stick to a set of guidelines with each visit on these scheduled maintenance visits.

Pricing & Procedures


$35 each/ month

  • Virus Removal
  • Startup Optimization
  • File Cleanup
  • Verify Backups
  • Physical Cleaning

Every visit we will do the following checks on each workstation computer:

  • Event log audited for errors/warnings
  • File Backups verified, backup logs checked
  • Virus, spyware/malware, etc, all removed if found
  • Windows startup processes audited
  • Internet toolbars removed
  • Temporary files and cache removed, including windows temp and internet temp
  • System shut off and the inside physically cleaned*

*Note:  Servers will not be shut off, fans cleaned as needed.  Laptops will not be disassembled but heatsinks will be cleaned out externally with air. This will not be done every visit but as needed.



$65 each/ month

  • Workstation +
  • Scheduled Reboots
  • App Specific Tasks
  • SQL/Database
  • 20GB Cloud Backup

Server maintenance will follow these guidelines:

  • The same steps (above) for workstations will be performed (check logs, audit processes)
  • 3 month controlled reboot schedule (after business hours as required)
  • Server-specific or application-specific tasks performed as needed*
  • Free 20GB online cloud backup account. Click here for details

*Note:  Some servers may have specific applications not present in workstations.  For example, SQL/Database servers may be present that require additional steps for backup, email/web servers and other applications will have their own set of error logs that will need to be checked.  A list of server specific tasks will be created on the initial visit and those tasks will be performed as part of our scheduled service visits.

Monthly charges assume 1 guaranteed visit per month.  Other options are available, details on the signup page.

Terms & Billing

Day of Service:  Upon sign-up you will pick the frequency of service (once a month or twice a month), which computers are to be serviced, preferred day of week, week of the month, and preferred time of day for services.  The day scheduled can be estimated at sign up if needed.  The day and time will be flexible (in case days scheduled fall on holidays or other business scheduling conflicts) and will be considered tentative until we call prior to the visit to make sure the date and time scheduled still works for your schedule before coming out.

Free On-Call Support:  If you have any maintenance related issues or troubleshooting needs on any of the systems under contract, we will troubleshoot the issue free of charge through the duration of the contract during normal business hours. If you have problems daily, we will be onsite daily!

Multiple Schedules:  If you would like us to look at computer systems on two different schedules, simply create two different subscriptions.  An example of this would be to maintain Server systems twice a month and Workstation systems once a month.  Due to the business critical importance of server systems, this schedule is recommended.

Subscription Duration:  Your maintenance subscription will last for 12 service periods
(12 months at 1/month, 6 months at 2/month)

Payments:  Each invoice can be paid online through PayPal recurring billing (preferred) or through manual billing if you prefer to pay by check as the services are performed.

Work Log:  All notes taken on services performed per visit will be logged in our online ticketing system and will be accessible to you at all times.

Additional Services:  Additional work not pertaining to the regularly scheduled maintenance task lists can still be performed on these visits, even on systems or network devices not on the maintenance contract, during the same visit at our regular service rates.



For questions about our service, please call us at (918) 895-4000


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